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Daniel Foo
RE: The Complete Guide For Investing Silver in Malaysia

Dear Friend,

W hy invest in silver? I'm sure you know about investing in gold. Most people did not forget, BOTH gold and silver are precious metal. In this page, you are going to discover why investing in silver is a much smarter investment option. 

In human monetary history, both gold and silver have been used as money. In modern financial world, central banks around the world buy gold as an hedge of against currencies. Many investors invest in gold as storage of wealth. Unfortunately, most people don't know much about silver.

Take a moment to understand silver...

IF you spend time to understand the fundamental of silver, you will come to conclusion that silver is the most undervalue asset in this decade. Gold is mainly hoarded (safely kept at somewhere), while silver is agressively consumed by the industry. 

Silver is the best electrical conductor in the world. In fact, most eletronic devices that we use in modern technology contains silver including computer, smartphone, air-cond, TV, battery, RFID, and MANY other electronic devices. 

The demand for silver is so great that although China is the 3rd largest silver producer in the world, yet China did NOT have enough silver. China needs to import more silver from other contries to meet industry demand. 

Do you know that there are only approximately 1 billion oz investment-grade silver on earth; while there are approximately 3-5 billion oz investment-grade gold available on earth?


  • Money - Just like gold, for thousand years in monetary history, silver has been a form of money.
  • 50-60 times cheaper - comparing silver to gold.
  • Best electrical conductor - Silver is the no.1 electrical conductor in the world. It has NO replacement. Silver has MORE THAN 10,000 known applications including electronic items, solar panels, water purification machines, clothings, medical devices, and much much more...
  • Decresed by 97% since 1950, global inventory (storage) for silver has been dropping.
  • Increased 200% from late 2008 to late 2012 for silver price ; while gold is only slighly above 100%

Since 1950, due to the rise of industry demand, silver is consumed in a much faster rate than the mining fields can produce. Silver is not purposely mined. 80% of the new silver production is a by-product of Gold or Copper mining. In other words, there are only a few mining fields that can directly produce silver.



Theorically if you own 1 oz of silver, there are 13 other people in this world would NOT have the opportunity to hold and touch any silver. However the reality is, there are many investor who already owned hundreds and thousands oz of silver. Human population is increasing by day, silver consumption is increasing by days, and available silver is DECREASING - by days.

From 2002 to 2011, silver price went up as much as 737%

10 years uptrend

In fact from 2010 to 2011 alone, silver price went up  153%


You might be thinking:

Okay... I get it, silver is a good investment opportunity. 
But how do I buy silver in Malaysia??

You see, silver in Malaysia is NOT as common as gold. You can easily buy some gold from the nearest jewelry shops, but silver is different. By now, you might get too excited about silver and went out to buy some silver from the jewelry shop. Stop! BIG MISTAKE! Jewelry store is only suitable to buy jewelry. For investment-grade silver, there are other much better options, which I'm going to share with you in a moment. Before that, let me highlight the 4 most common mistakes so that you must avoid. 

  • Mistake #1: Buying investment grade silver from jewelry store. The silver price in jewelry stores is much higher compared to other sources
  • Mistake #2: Buying the cheapest premium in market. You might buy the lowest premium silver but unfortubately they are MUCH harder to be sold off
  • Mistake #3: Paid for the WRONG type of premium. When you first started, you might get all excited with beautiful silver coins. Remember, not all premium / numismatic silver in the market is worth paying for. 
  • Mistake #4: NOT understanding silver market. During certain time, when price dropped, instead of buying more, you are selling (due to fear). During certain time, when price rised, instead of selling, you are buying more (due to greed).
From 2011 to late 2015, silver price dropped 70%

How would you feel IF your RM100k turned into RM30k?

Time and time again, I have seen many Malaysians are making deadly mistakes when investing in silver. Some investors not only didn't realize they are making a mistake, they even thought they are doing the RIGHT thing. Until I point out certain considerations, they would shout "Aha!".

I can easily point out whether a silver items is a good buy or not a good buy. In fact, I no longer pay standard market price whenever I buy silver - even for quantity as low as 1 oz of silver. There are many tricks we can apply for silver investment in Malaysia. I have put down all my knowledge on silver investment my eBook:

Introducing... No.1 Guide
“Investing Silver In Malaysia”

Through personal experience, deep discussion with experts, and extensive reseach, I have spent the last 18 months to put together the most complete silver investment guide for Malaysians. Then, I continuous spent months to update the information to ensure you can get the latest and the most practical silver investment advice.

Let's face it, most of the silver information from the Internet gives you a general idea of why you should invest in silver but never tell you HOW TO INVEST SILVER IN MALAYSA!


"The No.1 Silver Investment Guide You Need To Make You SUCCESSFUL in Malaysia Silver Investment"

“Daniel had done a great job producing this practical guide!”
kclau"Read this ebook. You will learn how to purchase your first silver coin in Malaysia within the first few pages. Daniel had done a great job producing this practical guide!"

KC Lau, Top Personal Finance Author in Malaysia
Author of
- Top Money Tips for Malaysians and
- Top 93 Personal Finance FAQs in Malaysia

“Daniel had done a great job producing this practical guide!”
ikram"Much have been written about silver investment in English but unfortunately so few is written about investing silver in a Malaysian context.

My good friend Daniel Foo has written a Practicle Guide To Invest Silver in Malaysia to solve this.

The BEST PART about this product is that it comes with a Facebook support group that is constantly updated with current news about silver investment, the current currency crisis (Yes! We are in a crisis!) and getting full engagement with the author.

Anyone who is interested in protecting their wealth and join in the biggest wealth transfer in history MUST grab a copy of his guide to ensure they start investing silver the right way."

Ikram Adi
Author "Pelaburan Silver Fizikal di Malaysia & Kajian Kes Tukar Ganda".

“Silver is the new gold!”
jonathan quek"Daniel is an enthusiastic silver investor who has some extraordinary insights that will convince you that cash is no longer king. His e-book will teach you how to take advantage of the greatest wealth transfer in history of mankind and why silver is the new gold!"

Jonathan Quek,
Author of 'Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?' and
Founder of &

“Daniel is the silver investment expert...”
Buy Silver Malaysia"Daniel is the silver investment expert who truly understands the silver market in Malaysia. He is the silver expert who is generously sharing his knowledge with his readers. His knowledge on silver investment is practical, effective and yet simple.

He stood through his commitment and dedication to help the readers to understand silver investment. His passion for silver investment is shown in the information he shared with us. Silver investment in Malaysia market is still at its infancy stage. I'm glad that someone knowledgeable like Daniel is educating the public how to invest silver in Malaysia."

KH Lau,
Founder and Managing Director of

Malaysia Silver Investment Guide goes beyond teaching you the basic how on to invest in silver in Malaysia. It is designed to help you to kick start your silver investment, all the way until your exit strategies

Module 1 - Global Economy, Gold, Silver & Ringgit
Module 1You will get a rock solid understanding on the flaw with global economy. The US Government has been hitting their debt ceilings and has been increasing the debt ceiling. US Dollar has been losing its value since the creation of Federal Reserve in December 1931. When US Dollar loses value, Ringgit loses its monetary value, as US Dollar is still the world reserve currency. In the eBook you'll find out how the global economy going to affect your Ringgit.
Module 2 - Silver & World Greatest Wealth Transfer
Module 2In between gold and silver, silver is a better choice. Historically, it takes 15 oz of silver to exchange for 1 oz of gold. Today, it takes 50-60 oz of silver to exchange for 1 oz of gold; silver is extremely undervalue. In the eBook you will discover many other shocking facts about silver. In the financial world, wealth is NEVER destroyed during financial disaster. Wealth is merely transferred from one cycle to another. You will learn about the cycle and how to take action. 
Module 3 - Buying Physical Silver in Malaysia
Module 3Investing silver is something new in Malaysia market. It is completely different from buying gold. When you buy silver, you must always buy fine silver (99.9% purity). There are MANY silver dealers in the market. In this module, you will receive a list of trusted and reliable dealers (some are my personal favourites). You will be able to make investment decision confidently because you get a detailed analysis, including pros & cons on each dealer.
Module 4 - Easiest & Simplest Silver Investment Approach
Module 1If you are new to silver investment, you will learn the SIMPLEST silver investment / silver saving program. This program will assist you to invest in silver consistently. With this program, you do NOT have to worry about the ups and downs of market price. The program is designed to help you invest at the most optimum price every month. You will get an user-friendly platform to keep track of your investment portfolio.
Module 5 - Practical Tips for Handing Silver
Module 1The biggest nightmare an investor has is puchasing fake silver. Once you received your silver, you MUST verify the silver purity. In the eBook, you are going to learn MULTIPLE simple yet effective methods (and some sophisticated techniques) to ensure your silver is genuine. Once the silver is proven genuine, you will learn how to store your silver safely so that you can sleep peacefully at night. You will get the safety storage tips from the security experts.
Module 6 - Dealing with Silver Dealers
Module 1Silver dealers are the people whom you purchase silver from. Buying silver is NOT like buying a shirt in shopping center. You want to be familiar with the process so that you won't make costly mistake. In this module, you will learn the A to Z steps when dealing with your dealers. When you are familiar with the process, you can avoid many traps in investment. The eBook will show you how to perform your transaction safely, to ensure your transaction is smooth and pleasant.
Module 7 - Mastering Silver Price in Malaysia
Module 1You will learn what is reasonable silver price in Malaysia. Some dealers publish their price in RM/gram while some in RM/oz. You will learn 2 EASY methods how to calculate silver price. Some silver coins are more expensive than the others. This is known as premium. The eBook will show you how to determine if you are paying for the RIGHT price. With the formulas, you can master silver price and be sure that you are paying a REASONABLE price for every silver that you invest.
Module 8 - Silver Types Analysis & Case Studies
Module 1You will learn the types of silver in the market: coins, rounds, and bars. Each type of silver has its own set of characteristic. For example you pay higher price for coins because there is legal tender premium, you pay lesser for big bars because bar premium is low, etc. The eBook will give you a complete understanding on the different characteristic of silver types. You'll discover the critical investment criteria to guide you making smart silver investment decision.
Module 9 - Silver Investment Strategies
Module 9Failing to plan is planning to fail. Invest WITHOUT a strategy is shooting aimlessly in the dark. Your investment will NOT go anywhere. You are going to learn 4 silver investment strategies. From safe and secured strategy (beginner) until the sophisticated and complex (for experts). Regardless what investment background you have, you will benefit by appling at least 1 or combination of multiple silver investment strategies shown in the eBook.


“Daniel is the silver investment expert...”
Buy Silver Malaysia"I have got much financial advice from this great silver investor and author, Daniel Foo. Even before I bought his awesome Practical Guide for Investing Silver in Malaysia, I have invested a little in silver. Glad for you, you already found no more Silver guide in Malaysia as good as this ebook. Furthermore, he will guide you through a LIFETIME VIP membership, until you succeed in this field. This is the best capital gain of the decade, which I can say, BETTER than gold! What will you get after reading this practical guide:

1. Knowledge about global economy (which is already critical!)
2. Why you invest in silver (this is very important)
3. How to get physical silver in Malaysia
4. How to find CHEAPER silver
5. Four KILLER investment strategy to make MONEY in silver. YES! :)

Thanks to Daniel. Keep up your good work!"

Nazrin Nasser, Penang
“Keep Up The Good Work!”
I have an interest in buying and investing the silver even before I read the guide, thanks to the users in forum (Silver As Investment thread), including yourself for giving an explanation and benefits of buying a silver.

After reading this simple yet detailed guides, silver have quite benefits to buy and sell compared to paper gold which I can't sell to anyone else, except Maybank. I have a general idea of where to start buying in low quantity before proceed on buying big quantity and even selling some to other users.

Keep up the good work!

Mohamad Faiz Johan 
Kuching, Sarawak

“I recommend this book to all investors!”
The ebook that you provide to me is fascinating. This ebook is very suitable for beginner who just started to collect silver as an investment or hobby. It is effective and simple to understand and I recommend this book to all investors.

Ong Cheat Wai

The eBook consists of years of experience investing silver in Malaysia and tricks that very few people are aware. For this amount of information, it would guarantee saving you tons of costly investment mistake. As a famous saying says, "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance". 

You Will Find Out The SECRET To Silver Investment
At An Extremely Affordable Fee!

Unlike some investment gurus, I'm NOT going to charge you thousands of Ringgit for silver investment knowledge. I believe education should be affordable. I always find this ironic: If the guru charges high price for the knowledge (whether in a form of seminar / workshop / membership / eBook / etc), where else the person would find the capital to invest? Hence, I make it my principle to keep education affordable.

The Price For The eBook is ONLY RM127!!!

My readers told me I should increase the price to at least RM800 for this amount of great information, but I said "No". I charge for the eBook because I want the readers to value the content and as a commitment to study the eBook till the end. In the eBook, you are going to benefit from the following:

  • Module 1: Global Economy, Gold, Silver & Ringgit
  • Module 2: Silver & World Greatest Wealth Transfer
  • Module 3: Buying Physical Silver in Malaysia
  • Module 4: Easiest & Simplest Silver Investment Approach
  • Module 5: Practical Tips for Handing Silver
  • Module 6: Dealing with Silver Dealers
  • Module 7: Mastering Silver Price in Malaysia
  • Module 8: Silver Types Analysis & Case Studies
  • Module 9: Silver Investment Strategies

Look, you can choose to RISK thousands of Ringgit by investing yourself through trial and error (which is the extremely challenging method - I have been there, done that); OR for the price of  1 oz of silver, you get the Complete A-Z Silver Investment eBook to show you how to invest in silver confidently


Wait... I'm Going To Make This Offer Even Better...


Bonus #1 - Maybank Silver Invesment Account Report
Maybank Silver Investment Account Report
FREE Gift: Maybank Silver Invesment Account Report 
(RM27 value)

Special Report: Maybank Silver Invesment Account Report is specially written for you if you are considering to open a silver investment account with Maybank but not sure if this is the good choice:

  • You will find out the costs involved. You will know clearly what you are getting into to help you avoiding any unpleasant surprises.
  • You will get a detailed analsysis of the pros and cons of Maybank Silver Investment Account. You will receive this non-bias investment report to help you making BETTER investment decision.
  • You will receive my personal advice whether this Investment Account is suitable for you.

“The eBook is definitely a great investment!”
brianI learned and understood that silver is the investment of the decade. The problem was I did not have a guideline or roadmap to buy silver here in Malaysia. I bought two books on silver (other Malaysian authors) and never really got anything good from them. The only thing I really got from those books is only "Why" silver. After a while , I stumbled upon Daniel's ebook and I finally found out the "how". The eBook is definitely a great investment! After reading his book. I took action and bought my first silver!

This e-book is definitely for those who want to shorten your learning curve in silver and to start keeping and investing silver today!!!

Brian Wong, Penang

“The eBook is definitely a great investment!”
brianI started my 1st silver investment based on Daniel's eBook. I learn a lot from his membership area too as I meet a lot similar silver investment minded people there. He does update and email me the updated silver info and news weekly. Besides that, he is a nice person as when I first get started, I always contact Daniel for his opinion until now I feel confident and invest independently. I personally trust Daniel and believe his silver investment method able to help me success in silver investment.


Bonus #2 - Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
FREE Gift: Quick Start Guide
(RM57 value)

Quick Start Guide is specially written for you if you are a 1st time silver investor who have NEVER buy any silver before. These simple and practical steps are designed to empower you with the right knowledge to purchase your 1st oz of silver in the next 60 minutes:

  • You will discover the cheapest silver market place in Malaysia that provides the most competitive price for silver in Malaysia. You can buy your 1oz silver with lowest price!
  • You will learn exactly the steps involved in buying silver in Malaysia. Guiding you with step-by-step details to ensure you are on the RIGHT track. 
  • You will understand the payment process. Showing you different payment methods and what you should do in each method, to ensure your payment is transacted securely.
  • You will understand the delivery process to ensure your silver reach your hand safely.

“Really helpful to those newbie like me”
Very appreciate on your work and is really helpful to those newbie like me to start silver investment in Malaysia.

Candy Lim, Sabah

“Comprehensive guide to investing in silver”
A very practical and comprehensive guide to investing in silver. Recommended for beginners or anyone who wants to understand it!

Alvan Tan
Manufacturing Engineer

Bonus #3 - Overseas Purchase Toolkit
Overseas Purchase Toolkit
FREE Gift:
Overseas Purchase Toolkit
(RM97 value)

Overseas Purchase Toolkit is specially designed for you if you plan to buy silver directly from overseas. This method guarantees you buying silver items with lowest price in the market. The Toolkit is a complete guidance to show you step-by-step purchasing from overseas & to ensure you do NOT face any problem:

  • 20+ Pages of SIMPLE Step-by-Step Guide. You will see my screenshots on exactly how to buy silver from overseas with lowest price - as if you are watching from my shooulder when I'm buying.
  • Final Purchase Cost Calculator (Software). With this calculator, your purchase cost for each oz of silver can be calculated as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  • Automated Excel Sheet. This Excel sheet will help you to automate the calculation for overseas purchase.
ALL 3 Bonuses Are Yours FREE When
You Order Silver Investment eBook Today!

“You have done a great job!”
You have done a great job! It is informative. This really help Malaysian to prepare themself before currency die.

Dennis Tee
Founder of

“Good book for starting investment in Malaysia”
I was reading this sliver investment book from Daniel. A good book for starting investment in Malaysia. As Sliver is a bit different than gold, novice should be aware of that this training is mostly done between peoples. A very good book to look for where to buy.

David Chin
IT Apps Specialist

“Luckily I came across your book”
After I had finished reading "Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver" by Mike Maloney, I wanted to buy physical silver but did not know where to buy it from. Luckily I came across your book, and since then I confidently bought from the source that you recommended.

KC Ch'ng, Penang

How Much Would You Pay For
Knowing EXACTLY How To Invest In Silver?

These are the kinds of techniques & steps that would show you all the tricks in Malaysia silver investment.

Ok, let me be honest with you, buying silver is EASY. However, buying the RIGHT type of silver and paying for the RIGHT price will determine how much profitable in your silver investment. With this Silver Investment eBook you will know exactly what type of silver you should invest to maximize your profit.

Silver - is the greatest wealth transfer in human history. Such opportunity does NOT happen oftens. You must invest in silver correctly, right from the begining, to take the most advantage out of this metal!

Here Are What You Are Going To Get

eBook - Practical Guide For: Investing Silver in Malaysia
Maybank Silver Investment Account Report
[eBook] Practical Guide For:
Investing Silver in Malaysia
(RM127 value)

Bonus 1 - Maybank Silver Invesment Account Report
Maybank Silver Investment Account Report
FREE Gift: Maybank Silver Invesment Account Report 
(RM27 value)

Bonus 2 - Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
FREE Gift: Quick Start Guide
(RM57 value)

Bonus 3 - Overseas Purchase Toolkit
Overseas Purchase Toolkit
FREE Gift:
Overseas Purchase Toolkit
(RM97 value)

FREE Update:
For ALL Above Components
(RM157 value)

Total Value: RM 465

For A Very LIMITED Time Only, You Can Download The Entire Silver Investment Package For A One-Time Rock Bottom Investment Of Only RM465 RM319 RM203 RM141 *RM97*!!

IN ADDITION, I Personally Offer You A
100% No-Questions Asked, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% No-Questions Asked
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Money Back GuaranteeTo effectively demonstrate author's confidence towards the quality of the investment guide, the author offers a 30 days No-Questions Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee to purchaser. If the purchaser is not completely satisfied with the package delivered to the purchaser, the purchaser may  write an email to to request for a refund.

Download the entire Silver Investment Package, study it absolutely RISK-FREE for a full 30 days

You'll get everything for that one low introductory price, even though this package contains the finest silver investment tips.

Try any or all of the strategies outlined to build a successful silver investment portfolio and to start seeing capital gain. If you don’t think you have learned anything that worth your purchase price, then I don’t want you to feel like you have to keep the package. 

Simply let me know at any time within the 30 days, and I’ll give you a prompt and cheerful refund...guaranteed.

But You Have to Take the First Step to Get Started

Silver investment is an opportunity of a lifetime. How often do you see a finite resource that has infinite demand? The best part is silver price is still extremely undervalue and affordable. Due to money printing happening to almost all countries, silver price will shoot through the sky!

Silver Investment eBook gives you everything you need to know to start investing in silver, even if you have never touch any silver in your lifetime...even if you've tried and made some bad investment before, Silver Investment eBook will show you exactly step-by-step how to start investing in silver.

But the longer you wait, the more you risk missing out on investing silver at current undervalue price. Don't waste time and wish you had acted sooner.

There's only ONE thing left for you to do...

Download And Study Silver Investment Guide Completely Risk-Free For Full 30 Days!


Buy Now

I Wish You Success,
Daniel Foo
P.S.: Buying silver is easy. Buying the right type of silver and making real profit from silver investment takes skill and experience. I've personally been through the tough journey myself. I will show you the shortcut to achieve your silver investment success.

P.S.S.: Investing in silver is easy when you have the right tools...
“Definitely worth every penny you spend on it!!”
afham"Daniel Foo name is common among silver investors. He shares his depth knowledge and finding in his blog and ebook make him one of core member for silver community in Malaysia. I personally like his writting as he compares every aspect of investment medium to silver and it really gives me idea.

I personally met him for a couple of times and he is such a gentleman. He shared me his experience, his sight on investment opportunity, etc.

If you are new into silver investment, Daniel Foo's ebook definitely worth every penny you spend on it!"

Afham Aziz
Founder of AA Stacker,

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